My Trip around the country in 2001 with Halley

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Show #1: 7/12/01, Trey Anastasio Band, Greek Theater, LA, CA

On Thursday, I was getting into show mode with Trey Band in town. Halley stayed at the apartment, which wasn't so bad now since she was quite used to the place, and Mia as well. Then the shit hit the fan: just as we pulled into The Greek Theater, the temperature gauge spiked and we had to crank the heat for a few minutes to keep the car from overheating. This sucked and Deidre, normally quiet reserved and not outspoken started to complain about the heat, which was becoming unbearable for me as well. We were just about to enter the grounds of The Greek when the car started to overheat, then smoke enough that I had to kill the engine and pull into the VIP parking lot off to the left of the venue. I called AAA and got them to tow the car to the nearest garage to Deidre's apartment, which they did. The car would need to wait until the morning at this point. 

We had fun at the show, although it was a new lineup with more horns and now keys, plus the whole car issue was hanging over my head. But I kept focused. I had a few drinks but conserved my money and partook in other things as were available from the heady Southern California crowd. The setlist:

Trey Anastasio Band
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles , CA

Set 1: Mozambique, Moesha, Last Tube, Alive Again, Money Love and Change, At the Barbeque, Sidewalks of San Francisco
Set 2: Cayman Review, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Every Story Ends In Stone, Mr. Completely,Quantegy, Drifting, Flock of Words, First Tube, Push On Til the Day
Encore: At the Gazebo

              Being the first show of the tour, it was hard for me to job my memory of what I recalled from my only other Trey Anastasio Band performance on 2/21/01 at The Landmark Theater in Syracuse, NY. Most of these songs were new, as Trey's debut CD was not released until almost a year later, so this was going to take some getting used to. I dug Last Tube a lot, the deep funk of Burlap Sack and Pumps which I recalled from my earlier TAB experience, and of course First Tube, the Phish song written by the original trio of TAB - Trey, Tony Markellis and Russ Lawton. Drifting and Flock of Words back to back really made me think of Hillary, but I tried not to think about her until I got back east to her. The encore was a big WTF for much of the crowd, as one 3-minute song for an encore was not enough to placate the masses and there was discussion with fans about this potential 'new norm' on the way out the doors into the night. My car was gone and presumably at the shop near Deidre's house, so I wandered around trying to make sense of the night. 

            To top it all off, I was driving two friends, Shawn and Siobhan from Deidre's place back east, which equated to less space in the car for Halley, but with no car, we counted our blessings, snagged a taxi parked near the band's bus and headed to Deidre's to veg out and relax after a long day, and for Shawn and Siobhan, a cross-country bus ride to get on tour. So for now, things were good.

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